Viasys expands into Americas and South-Africa

Viasys, which has grown to the major european player for securing green energy and especially photovoltaic powerplants has expanded its operations to Americas and South-Africa.

The Frankfurt based manufacturer of the viasys intelligent video analytic algorithm that can reliably identify intruders in dynamic outdoor environments better than the human eye is expanding towards Americas and South-Africa.

viasys brings five years of real world experience applying their analytic technology to the commercial solar market. With more than 500 mega watt under secure video surveillance, viasys had developed the optimum perimeter security solution for the commercial solar industry. Assets of more than one billion us dollar are secured by the company.

Since early 2013 viasys now operates satellite office in Huntington Beach California (Los Angeles, U.S.A.) and Johannesburg, South-Africa.

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