Viasys wins Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

Viasys Intelligent Video is proud to announce that it has been awarded by Frost & Sullivan based on a detailed research in the market the 2010 European Video Analytics Competitive Strategy Innovation Award.

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices team of industry experts identifies companies, products and executives that have achieved world-class performances. These achievements are recognized with Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards.

The conclusion of the analyst have been

Viasys move to offer cost-effective, yet reliable, analytics solution is expected to appeal to the mass market.

Analytics should be offered more like an advanced feature of a surveillance solution; they should be easy to install and priced and designed appropriately for the mass market.

Viasys algorithms can be embedded on any hardware, be it cameras, encoders, servers or even on network devices like hubs and switches. As the software is light, it enables Viasys to run more channels per device, thereby offering significant savings in terms of hardware.

Besides moving the camera plug-in functionality to Windows and Linux servers where viasys can run a huge number of analytical channel on existing hardware side by side with other applications such as video management software, the company is also about to position itself uniquely by offering ‘analytics on the cloud’, further opening up the possibility of integrating any IP camera anywhere into the ‘cloud’ (network) based on a low pay-per-usage fee.

Such unique capabilities have helped Viasys achieve a consistent year-on-year growth rate of 100 percent for the past four years. While the entire world was reeling under the pressure of economic recession, Viasys made a reasonable profit in 2009.


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